Our aim is to elevate wellness

in every way

The Three P’s - our recipe for wellbeing

The foundation of good health comes from three things.

  • Positive Thought

  • Positive Action

  • Positive Interaction

These 3 P’s lead to good sleep (quality and quantity) and good nutrition, and there you have the recipe for your best possible self.

At each Healthy Minds Retreat, we aim to include these things in abundance. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of what your best combination of these ingredients is, so that you create your own recipe for your healthy future.

Experience a Sound Journey with Helen

Positive thought, positive action

Our lovely Helen Philips brings the gentle and powerful gift of sound to the retreat. It’s an opportunity to let go and immerse yourself in sensation.

If you’ve never tried it before, a sound journey can be relaxing. It may also be inspiring, insightful, and moving.

This experience is included in the price of the retreat and takes place in The Den, just opposite our accommodation.

Release your creativity with a watercolour workshop

Positive thought, positive action, positive interaction

Our watercolour workshops with Jess are one of the ways we relax. There’s absolutely NO expectation that anyone will produce a masterpiece, leaving you free to enjoy making marks and absorbing yourself in the activity.

Everyone loves these workshops. Jess leaves us with materials so that we can continue to paint after the session.

It’s fun, mindful and who knows, could be the start of something beautiful!

Workshops with Sally Potter

Sally has been a hypnotherapist for 8 years, and running retreats for three of those.

During our residential retreats, Sally delivers workshops to explore how our brains work in relation to stress and anxiety. You’ll discover strategies for managing, and come away with your own toolbox for the weeks and months ahead.

For our 2024 retreats, Sally will be teaching the art of Self Hypnosis for change.

Our retreat itinerary is flexible, so if it seems appropriate, and the group wants them, workshops might happen spontaneously on the beach or beside a river.

What our guests say about Sally

“It was intuitive - she assessed what we needed and brought out the best of ourselves”

“Even doing things like the inner diamond at the beach when we were all relaxed was great”

"I felt in total safe hands with Sally and she was completely relaxing both in her personality and in her work - the relaxation meditation was so calming”

One happy customer

Here’s an example of a typical retreat program*

I keep the program flexible so that we can move with the needs of the group, as well as the weather!

*Example only - will vary from this example

What’s next?

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If you have questions and would like a call, you can schedule a time to chat below. Looking forward to speaking to you!

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